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Superior taste Perfect nutrition

The only vegan protein
with superior taste, and
perfect nutrition.

Elz Hotam in an interview about Protevin and how it could transform the dairy industry

“…The Protein has no flavor, reminding of Casein and disperse well in water…”
Large Israeli-based food manufacturer

“…..  You were right I am a huge fan….“
Plant-coffee creamers brand

“….. The taste was much better than the other yeast protein I have tried…”
A leading Well-Being brand

“…. I tried out the sample today and really liked it. It was essentially tasteless which is perfect for product development….”
A leading Well-Being brand

“…I tasted both already…both have clean flavor…”
US sports nutrition protein brand owner and subcontractor

About img

The next generation of vegan protein

Protevin™ is a revolutionary vegan protein. It is the first highly digestible, non-GMO, whole protein that can replace animal derived protein without compromising on nutrition, taste & performance.
Its nutritional value enables a faster muscle mass regeneration with minimal protein intake compared to other vegan solutions thus, presenting the most competitive alternative to whey protein.

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